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Narrator: Creeping along slowly, I worked my way to a small room in the back of the house. Until finally ...piled in a corner and reeking of mold were half a dozen boxes full of old clothes, photos and yellowed newspapers ...the worldly remains of Toni Jo Henry. It was heaven. I picked up a dress and smelled the faint scent of cheap perfume, barely blending into the stronger odors of mildew and must. Picking up a newspaper, my hands shook as I read an article about Toni Jo’s trial ...but then suddenly I heard someone at the front door ...terrified, I grabbed a photo and jumped out a nearby window ...a gruff voice shouted into the room.

Gruff voice: Who’s there! I know someone’s there. You better get outta here ’for I call the cops!

Narrator: ...petrified, I sat motionless on the ground beneath the window. Hiding behind a bush, I stared at my prize – a wedding photo of Toni Jo and Claude Henry. It was the best day of my life.

We need to know there is a best
Because we fear there’s nothing left
But emptiness as we grow old
Hoping our memories are gold